Activated (Sprouted) Nuts in all our Flavors

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Are you with us for the first time? You say: Hmmm… that would be nice to taste. Just do it and then decide. Try the tasting package, so that next time you know which packages of ŽIVÉ OŘECHY® you extremely like knowing that they match your blood type.

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ŽIVÉ OŘECHY® are activated (sprouted) nuts functionally flavored with superfoods. They are crispy and very finely dried to 42 °C. The whole process of their production takes up to 5 days to obtain maximum nutrients, optimal digestibility and delicate taste.

What wil you find in the test package? A little bit of everything, that’s clear. To have as much information and options as possible to decide:

  • Fermented Harmonizing Cashews (75 g, 200 g)
  • Activated Energizing Pistachios (75 g, 200 g)
  • Activated Walnuts full of Vitality (75 g, 200 g)
  • Activated Almonds in Raw LC 85% Chocolate (75 g, 200 g)
  • Activated Walnut in Raw LC 85% Chocolate (75 g, 200 g)

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200g, 4 x 200g, 4 x 75g, 75g


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