I focus on holistic health - as a therapist and nutritional counselor in a healing diet. I know that our health is a combination of a quality diet and a relaxed mind. I believe in the power of nature and the wisdom of our ancestors, who knew what beneficial effects nuts and seeds bring to the human body.

My goal

I want to give you health in a concentrated form so that you can reach for it at any time - in your purse, pocket, drawer… End of thinking about what to put in the run between two meetings or when driving to take children from school. ŽIVÉ OŘECHY® can be with you everywhere!

Why should you eat ŽIVÉ OŘECHY®?


  • You save money, usually spent on nutritional supplements with synthetic minerals
  • You will get rid of stomach problems and other problems with digestion
  • Holistic flavoring will take your physical and mental condition to the higher level

Where did it all start?

My career started in marketing and later continued in the economics department. I was still working and I was stopped by health problems. I began to look for the causes of my failing health and ways to get out of trouble. I found not only yoga, but also the nutritional practices of the scientifically minded West and the holistic East, I came across the wisdom of the Aztecs and the nature of a holistic view of health. All this has led me to what I am doing today. My specialization is a holistic diet, a diet that supports natural balance and self-regulatory health.

In 2019, I became the first Czech company to produce activated nuts with a holistic flavor, supporting the balance of body and mind. Adjusting the diet in a holistic way is always in the first place for me. In addition, when solving chronic (so-called civilization) problems, I use the bioresonance device BICOM for diagnostics and holistic therapy. This non-invasive and holistic therapy combines knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, controlled detoxification and quantum physics.

Do you have a question about a holistic diet or bioresonance?