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Do you want to make pleasure to your close for whom nutritional value is important and who cannot devote time to nut activation? Do you need to solve healthy snacks? With a natural stimulating flavor or promoting a good mood? No more worries about a gift. It is here.

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ŽIVÉ OŘECHY® Gift Box contains:

1x Walnuts Full of Vitality (75 g),

1x Fermented Harmonizing Cashews (75 g),

1x Energizing Pistachios (75 g),

1x Activated Almonds in raw LC 85% Chocolate (75 g).


Hand made. Holistic snack: promotes physical and mental health.


4 things you should know:

  1. activated (sprouted) nuts supply the body with more available (“unlocked”) minerals and are better digestible
  2. they are crispy and very finely dried to 42 °C to remain “alive” and to preserve the enzymes,
  3. the whole process of their production takes up to 5 days to obtain maximum nutrients, optimal digestibility and delicate taste
  4. ŽIVÉ OŘECHY® are cleverly naturally flavored with superfoods and spices supporting balance



  • Walnut Full of Vitality: activated walnuts in RAW quality, maple syrup, dried apples, date syrup (dried dates, water), olive oil, cinnamon, Camu Camu, BIO
  • Fermented Harmonizing Cashews: fermented cashews, ume vinegar (ume white plum vinegar, shiso leaves, sea salt)
  • Energizing Pistachios: activated pistachios in RAW quality, coconut oil, olive oil, date syrup (dried dates, water), coconut syrup (coconut sugar, water), guarana, turmeric, black pepper BIO
  • Activated Almonds in RAW LC 85% chocolate: activated almonds in RAW quality, RAW BIO 85% chocolate (cocoa substance, cocoa butter, xylitol, vanilla extract)


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